140 Multi

RotorSwing 140 Multi Yacht Stabilizer

AtZeroSpeed™ – AtCruiseSpeed™ – AtFullSpeed™

The RotorSwing 140 Multi model is is our most complete roll damping system designed with the patented ZeroSpeed function. The ZeroSpeed function is very efficient while at anchor and speeds up to 3 knots. This RotorSwing 140 Multi stabilizer is a multi-functional roll damping system that is extremely quiet and adaptive while fighting almost any type of ocean!

While the Underway model has a RAKE function, this model has the patented Adaptive Rake™ with the positioning control function. Whether the vessel is AtZeroSpeed™, AtCruiseSpeed™ or AtFullSpeed™ the system maintains great performance regardless of vessel speed. Both our roll damping systems automatically retract while going astern or neutral. Another benefit is the extremely low maintenance and quiet operation with significantly larger lift force capabilities and moment arm compared to fins.

Superior Roll Damping Up to 25 Knots

Designed to overcome the limitations and drawbacks of conventional gyro or on type systems – the RotorSwing 140 Multi ensures superior control over yacht stability – AtZeroSpeed, AtCruiseSpeed and AtFullSpeed.
Remarkable roll reduction performance from 0 knots up to 25 knots, with particular emphasis on slow speed stabilization, which is advantageous in uncomfortable sea conditions where slower cruise speeds are preferable. However, this is our answer to also deliver excellent roll damping for fast GRP vessels cruising up to 25 knots.


During AtZeroSpeed™ mode, the Rotors continuously spin, whilst the arms are swung back and forth to create flow. As the Rotors are placed almost horizontally to the waterline, 95% of the lift force produced by each Rotor is applied to counter the vessel’s roll motion. The result is a stable and comfortable yacht while owner and guests enjoy drinks and lunch at their chosen anchorage without being hindered by changeable seas and wash from other vessels.

Download RotorSwing 140 Multi Brochure

This new roll damping invention from RotorSwing Marine has been introduced at the Dusseldorf Boat show 2019. Click on the button to download the newest PDF brochure.