High Performance Yacht Stabilization

Following our recent CFD (Computational Flow Dynamics) study and rigorous testing of the system we are proud to announce that the system is now capable of up to 80% roll reduction in all scenarios – either when at anchor or when underway at loitering speeds, cruise speeds and now full speed up to 25 knots.

New development of our patented Adaptive Rake™ Positioning control function means the system will automatically find its optimum position to ensure the highest possible roll reduction capabilities relative to the water pressure against the unit, this ensures minimal drag and maximum fuel efficiency whilst remaining stable at all times.

Roll damping at anchor, while cruising and at high velocity

The AtFullSpeed™ RotorSwing is brand new and produces excellent roll damping up to 25 knots. The patented RAKE system swings the Rotors adaptively towards the aft to minimize drag. Even though the angle is becoming sharper, the liftforces remain almost the same.

This RotorSwing roll damping version is considered to be our flagship. It offers roll damping at anchor, while cruising at low throttle and at velocities up to 25 knots.

Main Benefits of the RotorSwing Product Line:

  • Silent operation (fully electric)
  • Adaptive control
  • Standard patented RAKE (reduced drag)
  • Retractable (scarcely protruding parts)
  • Superior at low speed (roll damping from 3 knots upwards)
  • Fully automatic (simple two button operation)
  • Suitable for faster vessels (patented RAKE control)
  • Easy to install (no bulky hydraulic pump and tank)