The latest and most complete invention from RotorSwing Marine is the ZeroSpeed version. This Patented roll damping system uses the Magnus effect force when the vessel sits at anchor or is just afloat. By swinging the rotors back and forth, the RotorSwing produces the same powerful roll damping lift forces as when it were in DRIVE position while cruising. This ZeroSpeed version also performs extremely well while cruising up to 25 knots!

Roll Damping while at Anchor

During the ZeroSpeed mode, the rotors continuously spin while the arms are swung back and forth to create flow. Since the rotors are placed almost horizontally to the waterline, over 95 percent of the lift force is applied to counter the vessel’s roll motion. This is a huge benefit compared to generic fin stabilizers which are positioned under a rather steep angle!

The roll damping of this RotorSwing ZeroSpeed system is very powerful and simply has to be felt in order to truly belief it. Not only can the crew enjoy a much more stable anchorage in a choppy bay or cove but also while being hindered by the wash from fast cruising or larger vessels. 

Roll damping for vessels at anchor or adrift is gaining popularity. But until now, superyacht owners were the only ones who were able to afford such a system. The inventor of this patented ZeroSpeed system has over 50 years of experience in this superyacht industry with its partner Quantum Controls Holland. After hundreds of successful installations of the so called Maglift Rotor system onboard these large vessels, RotorSwing Marine has invented an affordable electric ZeroSpeed system for yachts up to approx. 30 meters.

The installation of the AtZeroSpeed RotorSwing is simple. Since there is no steering effect generated, placement is extremely flexible. The system installation is often performed towards the aft of the ship.

Our electric driven RotorSwing 140 is simply the most powerful and diverse stabilization system on the market.