RotorSwing Marine constantly strives to improve its yacht stabilizer products. When significant improvements have been tested and implemented, we will incorporate these changes to our brochures. There are basically two different types of Magnus Rotors: 

  • The Underway system – This roll damping system provides roll damping from 3 knots to 17 knots.
  • The 140 Multi system – This roll damping system is our newest model that functions extremely well while at anchor up to 25 knots!

Below you will find our updated brochures that reflect the newest Magnus roll damping products.

RotorSwing 140 Multi Brochure

At the push of a button, the RotorSwing 140 Multi transforms an unstable yacht into a stable and comfortable platform from which owners and guests can enjoy the seas regardless of conditions – either when cruising or at anchor.

Designed to overcome the limitations and drawbacks of conventional gyro or fin type systems – the RotorSwing 140 Multi ensures superior control over yacht stability – AtZeroSpeed, AtCruiseSpeed and AtFullSpeed.
Remarkable roll reduction performance from 0 knots up to 25 knots, with particular emphasis on slow speed stabilization, which is advantageous in uncomfortable sea conditions where slower cruise speeds are preferable.

RotorSwing Underway Brochure

The state-of-the-art, retractable and electronically powered roll damping systems provide new performance levels on Yachts up to 35 meters at a speed range from 3 to 17 knots. This is our original Magnus stabilizer system which is more affordable than the above 140-Multi RotorSwing. For those that don’t require yacht stabilization while at anchor, this system is for you!

Since the Rotors are placed almost horizontally, all of its lift-forces are being used to stabilize your yacht. The Rotors also don’t have to follow the so called hull envelope boundary since they are retractable. This has given us the flexibility to produce longer rotor arms to create even greater lift-forces!

The patented RAKE function, which brings the Rotors to a predefined smaller angle towards aft, can be enabled while cruising at 10-17 knots. This patented RAKE function significantly lowers the drag!


Trifold RotorSwing Multi Brochure

The ATCruiseSpeed RotorSwing stabilizer provides roll damping while cruising starting at 3 knots. This stabilizer is a cost effective and retractable solution for displacement vessels that require powerful roll damping while cruising at lower cruising speeds. This invention is build around the Magnus effect named after Dr. Gustav Magnus.

Download our newest overview brochure for the improved 140 Multi. This roll damping system performs extremely well in almost all ocean conditions from 0 – 25 knots!

RotorSwing Multi Brochure – German

Auf Knopfdruck verwandelt der RotorSwing 140 Multi eine instabile Yacht in
eine stabile und komfortable Plattform, von der aus Eigentümer und Gäste die Meere genießen können. Unabhängig von der Nutzung – entweder während der Fahrt oder vor Anker.

Entwickelt, um die Einschränkungen und Nachteile herkömmlicher Systeme, wie Kreisel oder Finnen, zu überwinden, sorgt der neue RotorSwing 140 Multi für optimale Kontrolle über die Yachtstabilität – AtZeroSpeed, AtCruiseSpeed und bei voller Geschwindigkeit.

Das System liefert eine bemerkenswerte Leistung zur Verringerung der Rollbewegung bei Geschwindigkeiten von 0 bis zu 25 Knoten, mit besonderem Augenmerk auf die Stabilisierung bei langsamer Geschwindigkeit.

Bitte klicken Sie unten, um die deutsche Übersetzung für die 140 Multi-Broschüre zu öffnen.