RotorSwing Underway

The RotorSwing Underway stabilizer provides roll damping while cruising starting at 3 knots. This stabilizer is the cost effective solution mainly for displacement vessels that require powerful roll damping while cruising at lower cruising speeds.

The patented RAKE function, which brings the Rotors to a predefined smaller angle towards the aft, can be enabled while cruising at 10-13 knots. This patented RAKE function significantly lowers drag without any significant loss of roll damping! The RotorSwing Underway is the cost effective answer for displacement yachts up to 35 meters (115 feet) cruising up to 13 knots.

Roll Damping through Magnus Effect

As opposed to fin stabilizers, this roll damping system generates high lift forces starting at 3 knots. The RotorSwing is based around the Magnus effect. Most people are familiar with top-, and bottom spin effect driven balls in sports such as tennis and soccer. A rotating forward moving round or cylindrical object generates an upward or downward force. Water is 784 times denser than air, which makes it the most powerful roll damping system for lower cruising speeds on the market.

Since the Rotors are placed almost horizontally, all of its liftforces are being used to stabilize your yacht. This is another great benefit compared to other roll damping systems. The Rotors also don’t have to follow the so called hull envelope boundary since they are retractable. This has given us the flexibility to produce longer rotor arms to create even more lift-forces!

The Improved RotorSwing Underway Brochure

The RotorSwing Underway is a retractable yacht stabilizer. We have made many important improvements and additions to the original RotorSwing system. The Underway functions extremely well while cruising at lower velocities and provides for roll damping up to 13 knots.

This brochure provides you with a anatomical view of this yacht stabilizer and highlights many key features. In order to enjoy cruising on your yacht while fighting choppy waves, this is the solution for you! The Underway roll damping system can be installed underneath new vessels as well as a retrofit. The maximum size we currently install this type of roll damping system is up to 35 meters (115 feet).

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The RotorSwing Underway has received many technological advancements. We continuously perform rigorous testing and objective measurements to make sure we offer the best in Roll damping technology. Click on the image above to view the anatomy of the Underway model.