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NEW: Roll Damping up to 25 Knots!

Powerful Roll Damping at Lower Speeds

Stability while at Anchor

Superb Roll Damping from ZeroSpeed to 25 Knots

 AtZeroSpeed™  AtCruiseSpeed™  AtFullSpeed™

RotorSwing introduces a true innovation in Yacht stabilisation – the Magnus Rotor. The state-of-the-art, retractable and electronically powered system provides a new performance level of stability control on Yachts up to 30 meters at a speed range of 0 to 25 knots. Our newest development is our patented Adaptive Rake™ with the positioning control function

Whether the vessel is AtZeroSpeed™, AtCruiseSpeed™ or AtFullSpeed™ the system maintains performance regardless of vessel speed with the significant benefits of being retractable when not in use, extremely low maintenance and quiet due to the brushless electric motors with significantly larger lift force capabilities and moment arm compared to fins.


The ZeroSpeed RotorSwing has an extended elbow to maximize lift forces. AtZeroSpeed™, AtCruiseSpeed™ and AtFullSpeed™ is included in this system for roll damping at almost any velocity.


The ATCruiseSpeed RotorSwing provides roll damping while cruising starting at 3 knots. This stabilizer is a cost effective solution for displacement vessels that only need roll damping up to 13 knots.


The AtFullSpeed™ RotorSwing is brand new and produces excellent roll damping up to 25 knots. The patented RAKE system swings the Rotors adaptively towards the aft t0 minimize drag.

Increased Comfort While Cruising and at Anchor

The RotorSwing yacht stabilizer has many additional benefits compared to other roll damping systems. It provides roll damping while cruising and roll damping at anchor (Zerospeed). The RotorSwing is also extremely efficient while fighting a following sea.

The patented RAKE function can be set in a preset trailing angle to decrease drag. Less drag means lower fuel consumption! Since our yacht stabilizers extend the ship’s hull boundary (hull envelope), they are far more effective than regular fin stabilizers. Our mission is to provide you with highly efficient roll damping while cruising and at anchor!

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