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Marc Wachelder - General Manager - RotorSwing Holland B.V.

Marc Wachelder General manager

Marc is in charge of
management of RotorSwing.
With his ambition and charisma
he has a visionary look at the future
and deeply values long-term relationships.


Rotorswing Holland

Rotorswing Holland, the inventors and absolute specialists in the field of yacht stabilization. We supply a suitable stabilization system for almost all vessels up to 35 meters and with speeds from 3 to a maximum of 35 knots. You can choose from rotors or fins. We provide the solution for stabilization at cruising speed, at full speed and at anchor. All this combined in one system.

With us you buy State of The Art Technology, the best of the best, we guarantee that!
All our systems are 100% electric, so sustainable, clean, safe and fuel efficient. This also means low operational costs.

At Rotorswing we have the very highest knowledge in the field of stabilization. This is due to a close collaboration with Wetech BV. They operate at the highest level in global yacht stabilization.
Prototype construction, production and in-house testing take place in the factories in Nuth, the Netherlands.

Our systems provide more comfort, safety and efficiency.

Rotorswing systems have now been installed on more than 100 ships worldwide.

The Rotorswing Holland team employs qualified and highly skilled employees and have 24/7 service.

Let us stabilise you!

Sustainable and stable together with Rotorswing Holland B.V.

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