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RotorSwing Marine moves to larger premises!

January, 2019

Beginning 2019, RotorSwing Marine will be moving from Beek to Nuth, Holland. As a result of a very successful 2018 our manufacturing facility and offices in Beek, started to become too crowded. We decided to move to Nuth, next to the “home port” of the Quantum Group.

This large facility offers sufficient production and assembly space for further growth in the near future.

RotorSwing Marine purchased a fast GRP test ship
December 19th, 2018 RotorSwing Marine purchased a fast GRP vessel to enable the optimization of all the parameters involved in the AtZeroSpeed equipment. Having invested heavily in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), our goal is to compare reality with results from this highly advanced computer program. Beginning 2019, the JULIA, a Colvic 43′ planing vessel will be ready to fulfill its duty as a test vessel. The latest version of our ZeroSpeed equipment has been installed and she will be soon ready to go to sea.

RotorSwing Marine got published in PassageMaker Magazine

October 12th, 2018 Dag Pike, from PassageMaker, was onboard the Altena 50 Pilothouse owned by the owner of RotorSwing Marine. This 5 page article talks highly about the RotorSwing ZeroSPeed stabilizer. During the day of testing, the weather didn’t allow for impressive waves. Inventor and owner Theo Koop was able to impress Dag Pike by switching the gyro signal in order to set the system to the forced roll function. This integrated forced roll system is used for test scenarios to make the vessel roll in an extreme measure within a few seconds.

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