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Vessel Data

*Please indicate onboard power availability i.e. AC, DC or both and the specification i.e. 110V, 230V etc. Rotorswing systems require 230V AC 50 Hz taken directly from the ships generator or DC to AC Inverter.

Natural Stability Data

Please complete the following data for vessel's FULL LOAD condition including atleast one of the fields marked **

**Rotorswing's calculations require either one of these figures to make an accurate calculation of the ships Natural Stability. The vessels GM will be included in the Ships' Stability Booklet if onboard or from the vessels original Builder/Naval Architect. The Ships' Roll Period can be timed at sea or at the dockside. In the event that neither of the figures are readily available please contact Rotorswing for further information on a dockside or sea trial test that can be easily performed in order to estimate the vessels' Roll Period.

Customer Stabilisation Performance Expectations

Please indicate an expected level of stabilisation performance in terms of a percentage of Roll Angle Reduction in the following two scenarios - (1) AtZeroSpeed (0 to 3 knots) in seas up to 0.5m in wave height (2) AtCruiseSpeeds (3 to 16 knots) in seas up to 1m in wave height Note - RotorSwing performance estimations are analyzed for a theoretical "resonant" wave pattern. This data is used for guideline estimations on performance and are noncontractual. 100% accurate testing at sea is not possible in real life sea conditions due to the variables of waves and wind