iROCK but no more Roll…

iROCK but no more Roll…

RotorSwing proudly announces the installation of four of our Magnus 140 multi-purpose model units on M/Y iROCK (34m Baglietto Yacht) to provide stabilization AtZeroSpeed, AtCruiseSpeed and AtFullSpeed.

Our team worked with Lusben Shipyard, Varrazze to complete this installation in record time to the great satisfaction of the owner. As well as a quick and efficient installation with minimal disruption to the ships interior equipment, the performance of the system AtZeroSpeed has confirmed to the owner that he made the best choice. Having considered both fins and gyros the owner made the decision to go with RotorSwing due the substantial benefits the electric and retractable system offers, both in terms of roll reduction performance at anchor and when cruising and also the ease of installation with minimal weight and drag added compared to conventional fin or gyro type systems.

“RotorSwing was a game changer for my Yacht. You cannot realise how important good stabilization is, especially at anchor, until you do not have it switched on. Comfort has increased dramatically, and everyone onboard has noticed that straight away. RotorSwing’s system is doing its job very effectively, with high performance stabilization, ease of operation, no noticeable noise during day or night at anchor and no limitations of any kind on the ships operation in the water. RotorSwing technology is powerful and simple at the same time and the installation process as a retrofit, like for my Yacht, was not invasive as other systems certainly are.
I definitely recommend RotorSwing to any keen Yacht owner looking for the ultimate comfort at sea with peace of mind of ease of operation.”
Owner – M/Y iROCK Owner

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