RotorSwing Holland is continuously improving its own roll damping systems. In 2018, RotorSwing made great advancements on the ZeroSpeed version in terms of design and functionality. This newest ZeroSpeed version now provides roll damping up to 25 knots. It also has made improvements on the patented RAKE function to minimize drag. We will periodically update this section with new helpful information about our roll damping systems.

Before ordering your RotorSwing roll damping system, our initial step is to accumulate the appropriate specifics from your vessel. We then can utilize our modern computer visualization and calculation programs to be able to provide you with objective findings. This image (actual client) shows the difference in force distribution between a stabilizer system and RotorSwing system. As you clearly can see, the RotorSwing is placed nearly horizontally, resulting in far greater roll damping moments. There are two added side effects to this more horizontal installation:

  • There will be no steering effects
  • No Anchor crabbing!

Since the installation placement is flexible and size requirements is relatively small, we will calculate and recommend the best possible location. Every vessel is different. RotorSwing Holland will make sure to make recommendations towards installation location, angle and effectiveness. Being the inventors of the Magnus ZeroSpeed Rotors, and with over 20 years of experience, you can feel confident with our roll damping know-how!

Until recently, RotorSwing roll damping systems were only installed onboard displacement vessels. However, with the improved ZeroSpeed version, which has the patented active RAKE system, these stabilizers are now also successfully being installed on faster GRP vessels. As soon as the captain pushes the engines above 10-11 knots, the Rotors decrease their angles to minimize drag.

Notice the rather horizontal installation. This avoids steering effects, while maximizing roll damping lift forces. The ZeroSpeed version also has an extended elbow to increase the lift forces even more.